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Southwest Region

No other region in Wyoming is as diverse as the southwest. Bounding the area to the north is the Wind Rivers-often considered among the wildest mountains in the Continental United States. Comprised of glaciated peaks and jagged spires, this range beckons climbers and backpackers from around the world. And with hundreds of lakes and streams, the area is an angler's dream.

The western ranges include the Salt River and Wyoming, both of which hold stunning views and unspoiled recreation sites. Along Wyoming's southern border, you'll find the snow-capped peaks of Utah's Uinta Mountains. Near here, you'll find the incredible Flaming Gorge, a reservoir like no other.

Between these high points is the prized Red Desert. Treasured for it's beauty, history, recreational opportunities, and natural resources, this high desert stretches for dozens of miles far from towns and paved highways. The Red Desert isn't for city slickers. Stores are replaced with buttes and streetlights are substituted by a blanket of stars. Those looking for solitude and a sense of pioneering in this vast open space will be delighted.



Green River Lakes

Red Desert

Wyoming history

Wyoming Range

Flaming Gorge

Sand Dunes

Cottonwood Lake


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